Hello. We're GAMEBOP

The former #1 games provider for Snapchat, now a dedicated outsourcing game studio developing big and small games on demand. Need a game? contact us.

Premium Quality

We specialize in Social Games - multiplayer, turn based, real time, asynchronous - Advergames, Playable Ads and Interactive Experiences.

Deploy Anywhere

We develop in HTML5 (PlayCanvas), Unity and Unreal Engine. We build games for any platform: Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles, and Messengers.

Plug And Play

We provide wide array of services: game design, 3D modelling, rigging, animation, illustration, programming and backend - and of course produce games from scratch to finish.

Our Team

25+ specialists will turn your ideas into reality.

  • Yohami Zerpa

    Yohami Zerpa

    Founder, CEO and Creative Director
    20+ years of experience in social / casual game development, with 200+ titles shipped
    Created TOY Engine and ConquerOS Backend
    Ex FRVR
  • Tim X. Brackrock

    Tim X. Brackrock

    CFO. Business Development
    24 years in IT and financial industry
    Ex-Deutsche Börse Group M&A
    MBA Goethe/Fuqua Duke
  • Garrett Billian

    Garrett Billian

    Associate Game Director
  • George Elhabr

    George Elhabr

    Producer / Project Manager
  • Lewis Fiford

    Lewis Fiford

    Assistant Technical Director
  • Denis Protsenko

    Denis Protsenko

    Principal Programmer
  • Stiven iLarraza

    Stiven iLarraza

    Generalist Developer
  • Stefan Vasilev

    Stefan Vasilev

    Senior Programmer
  • Garibaldy Mukti

    Garibaldy Mukti

    Backend Developer
  • Alexander Emeliyanov

    Alexander Emeliyanov

    PlayCanvas Developer
  • Leonidas Maliokas

    Leonidas Maliokas

    PlayCanvas Developer
  • Andrei Rudenko

    Andrei Rudenko

    Art Director
  • Felix Cabrita

    Felix Cabrita

    Junior Programmer
  • Syeda Ambreen

    Syeda Ambreen

    Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Denmark De Nieva

    Denmark De Nieva

    Technical Animator
  • Eduardo Araujo

    Eduardo Araujo

    3D Generalist Artist
  • Mauro Ferreyra

    Mauro Ferreyra

    Senior 2D Artist
  • Alexander Frunze

    Alexander Frunze

    2D Artist
  • Duarte Hilário

    Duarte Hilário

  • Tobgy


    Senior Game Artist
  • Wildan


    3D Illustrator

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